Social Evening – Wednesday 19 April – Rodney Paul: Sir Ernest Shackleton

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The Antarctic Adventures of Sir Ernest Shackleton 

7.30 Wed 19 April 2023, Bromsgrove Rugby Club B60 3DH
Members: Free; Visitors £3 (Cash only)

Rodney Paul at Shackleton's Grave













Rodney Paul at Shackleton’s Grave

This presentation is about the heroic adventures of one of the world’s greatest ever explorers. It provides an account of the various expeditions that Sir Ernest Shackleton undertook to the Antarctic. He was an inspirational leader; determined to succeed even under the harshest of conditions but was never afraid of admitting defeat, if the welfare of his men was at risk. He led the infamous Endurance Expedition to the Antarctic which resulted in an open boat journey across the most hostile ocean in the world. Shackleton inspired his men like no other explorer of his time.
Shackleton is my personal hero and although I am by no means an expert on his explorations, I will bring his endeavours to life by recounting his exploits through photographs and stories. I’ve visited the Antarctic twice and have been to South Georgia where he is buried.


Social Evening – Wednesday 15 March 2023 – Mark Ashley Miller

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Harbour Master Sailing Challenge – a slow circumnavigation of the British Isles attempting to visit every harbour with a Harbour Master. 

7.30 Wed 15 March, Bromsgrove Rugby Club B60 3DH
Members: Free; Visitors £5 (Cash only)

Mark arriving Tower Bridge Oct 21

Setting out from Dartmouth in March 2019 in his 34ft sailing ketch Good Dog, Mark is attempting to visit every Harbour Master in the UK and Ireland. So far, he has sailed 6,500 nautical miles around GB, visited 250 harbours and interviewed 210 Harbour Masters.  He has met them in harbours ranging from tiny fishing villages to the largest container ports and everything between.  His challenge is in support of The Seafarers’ Charity for which he has raised nearly £20,000.   After Ireland in 2023 he plans to write a book about his adventure.

In this talk, he will describe some of his favourite stops, the work of some interesting HMs and highlight some of the places you might not have thought of visiting.  Please do visit to see photos and stories about every harbour and if you enjoy the talk, please feel free to help him reach his target!



In support of    The Seafarers Charity  and Lillington Church

Boat:  Nauticat 331 – Good Dog – Length 10.4m – Draft 1.65m – Beam 3.4m – Stb Side To preference


Charity Giving Page:


Map of Harbour Masters visited so far:

Map of  passage so far:

Good Dog Sailing Blyth High Res

Photo Competition 2022 Gallery

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