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Photo Competition 2023

Club News, Photo Galleries | December 18th, 2023 | No comments yet

On 13 December we held our annual photo competition. This is always an opportunity to see where members have sailed, with the club or otherwise, and what they’ve seen. Photos can be scenic, sunsets, action, relaxation, wildlife, basically anything maritime taken in the last year.  Members can enter up to four photos.

The winners, first second and third, are decided by the members attending on the night who can vote for up to 5 photos that they like the most. For the record, as it came up so we democratically decided it,  people are not allowed to vote for their own photos.   There are no preset judging criteria, the winners are simply the ones liked by the most people.

This year we added a further twist. All the photographers were listed and one photo from each was included in a shortened selection; those present then had to guess the photographer and the one who identified the most also won prize.

14 members submitted 46 photos (same as last year) in total. We show the winners first below, then scroll down to see all the entries

The honours went to:
First: Flying The Blues – Sian Brewster
Sian Brewster - Flying The Blues
















Second: Merlin Rockets On The Start Line At Salcombe – Trish Lloyd
Trish Lloyd - Merlin Rockets On The Start Line at Salcombe












Third: Corfu – Charles Hessey
Charles Hessey - Corfu











Trish Lloyd - Kocabahce near Bosborum, Turkey




The rest of the entries:

Trevor Rackley A sunny sail to Cowes

Trevor Rackley - Tucked in tight at Hamble

Trevor Rackley - It's not always sunny on the Med

Trevor Rackley - A boat full of Boaters

Simon Holloway - Sunset at Wells-Next-The-Sea

Simon Holloway - Drascombe Rally In The Marshes at Wells-Next-The Sea

Simon Holloway - Old Gaffers On Ullswater

Sian Brewster- Sunset


Sian Brewster - The Winning Team

Sian Brewster - Bimini Atoll


Roland O'Connor - Shallow Approach


Richard Formaston - Scotch Mist Richard Formaston - Red Sky At Night, Well You Know The Rest Richard Formaston - No Buoys, No Problem, Just Follow The Light! Ralph Evans -There's always another job to do! Ralph Evans -Spot the lighthouse

Ralph Evans -Happy Boaters Ralph Evans - Not A Cloud In The Sky Keith Grimshaw - Start Line Keith Grimshaw - Flying Along! Jill Phillips - Typical Greek Scenery

Jill Phillips - The Golden Man of Menai Jill Phillips - Spring Sailing Spirit Jill Phillips - Drying Time Greg Croydon Trainee Helm Greg Croydon Is my fender big enough

Greg Croydon - Studying the way home Greg Croydon - Behind you... Esther Rackley - I'm sure it was down there somewhere Esther Rackley Ali Baba's restaurant Chris Palmer HM Coastguard's Vic D relaxing on hoiday

Chris Palmer - Trying to sneak past Chris Palmer - Magicing up some fish Chris Palmer - Cool Britannia! Charles Hessey - Lighthouse in Roscoff

Charles Hessey - BB Crew Hanging On In F6-7 Alan Gilmour - Row the Boat Ashore Alan Gilmour - Lights out Alan Gilmour - Greece is the word Alan Gilmour - Go West

Photo Competition 2022 Winners

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On 14 December we held our annual photo competition.  The rules were simple:

“You can enter up to 4 photos, on any boating related subject, taken over the past year. There are no categories, so it can be selfies or sunsets, wildlife or party life,  postcard or artistic, and sails of any plan, set or state, ideally attached to a boat.  Scoring is democratic, all who turn up get to vote, and you can score based on  anything you like, artistic merit, humour, skill, or simply whether you are in the picture! We will vote on the photos without knowing who took them.”

12 members submitted 46 photos in total.

The honours went to:
First (Again!): Alan Gilmour- Scotch Mist

31 Alan Gilmour - Scotch Mist

Second: Charles Hessey -Cross Channel Racing 2

28 Charles Hessey - Cross Channel Racing 2 Comp

Third: Simon Holloway – Morning in Astakos

42 Simon Holloway - Morning in Astakos Comp





Photo Competition 2015

Photo Galleries | December 30th, 2015 | No comments yet

1519 Are you yanking my chain

1st  Place

Are you yanking my chain?

Gary Carter

3568 Under the hull

Joint 2nd  Place

Under the hull

Andy Gardner


2469 Rafting up in Stangate

Joint 2nd  Place

Rafting up in Stangate

Jane Jones

 2527 Racing Away

Racing Away

Tony Martin


 1568 Masts


Andy Gardner

2568 Storm brewing

Storm Brewing

Andy Gardner



2580 Front seats

Front Seats

Steve Rackley


 3519 On the naughty step

On the naughty step

 Gary Carter

 2556 Istanbul ferry

Instanbul Ferry

 Trevor Rackley

1580 Dressed to kill

Dressed to kill

 Steve Rackley

1556 At the end of my rainbow

At the end of my rainbow

Trevor Rackley

1517 Hold on tight

Hold on tight

Deborah Bates

 3557 Anageda


Esther Rackley

3556 This wont affect my security deposit will it

This wont affect my security

deposit will it?

Trevor Rackley

3527 Leading the pack

Leading the pack

Tony Martin

3517 GB America's Cup team. Solent 2015

GB America’s Cup team. Solent 2015

Deborah Bates

 3453 Slipway


Trish Lloyd

3269 Waking up in Bucklers Hard

Waking up in Bucklers Hard

Mike Martin

2566 Just like Home

Just like home

Chris Kavanagh

2558 Clipper Fleet

Clipper Fleet

Charles Hessey

2557 Old meets New in Gorda Sound

Old meets new in Gorda Sound

Esther Rackley

2519 Just going for a dip

Just taking a dip!

 Gary Carter

2517 ....I don't recall our lead skipper mentioning a storm in the forecast!!!!

….I don’t recall our lead skipper mentioning a storm in the forecast!

Deborah Bates

2453 Fowey boats

Fowey Boats

Trish Lloyd

 2269 Me and Tom

Me and Tom

Mike Martin


1566 Marina Quay at Sunset

Marina Quay at Sunset

Chris Kavanagh

1563 Youre so Boaters

You’re so Boaters!

Alex Proudfoot


1558 High and Dry

High and dry

Charles Hessey

1557 Gorda Sound

Gorda Sound

Esther Rackley

1527 Heading West

Heading West

Tony Martin

1469 Seals on buoy

Seals on buoy

Jane Jones

1453 Hull


Trish Lloyd

1269 Time to relax after a long days sail

Time to relax after a long days sail

Mike Martin


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