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*Smiley face*

What has happened to Boaters in past few weeks? It seems we have now joined the 21st century.


I don’t know about you but Boaters has to me always been joyously old fashioned. But it now seems we have joined the digital age.


It is now possible to sign up for courses and sailing weekends online. And to pay for them too.

Whatever next?

It’s just like Amazon.

But without books and downloads and constant e-mails full of recommendations.

Maybe this is being worked on.


And so far we have not yet got One Click technology.

Still it’s a start and I am sure that our Committee have this in hand.

I hadn’t realised we had elected a Committee of computer geeks at our last AGM.

*Smiley face*

We may not have the best sound system but we might have the best technology.

I suppose they call this progress.


But our Committee hasn’t stopped there.

We now have a Facebook page.

Not being an aficionado of Facebook I am not sure how well this is being used.

But wouldn’t it be great if we could post photos from our trips there. I know how skilled we are when it comes to taking classy photos.

And we could even use our Facebook pages to swap hints and tips. And sea yarns. And Emergency Meal recipes.

Hopefully we won’t see pictures of cats in lifejackets. Not under our name at least.

What is it about Facebook and photos of cats?

And now we have started to tweet.

I find Twitter strange. There is no way I can say all I want to say in 140 characters. I am far too loquacious.


But if you want to stay up to date with all things Boaters and to get some handy tips and advice, Facebook and Twitter do seem the place to be.

Alternatively you could wait to get the monthly e-mails from our Secretary.


But then you would miss out on all the fun going on among our Facebook and Twitter community.

You would have no reason to check your phone every few seconds.

No one to follow or tag or like.

Nothing to RT.

No photos of cats in hats. Or life jackets.

It can’t be too long before we get down there with the kids and are signed up to other social media channels like WhatsApp, Pinterest and Snapchat or Vine.

Whatever these might be.

I really don’t know how we have managed to sail all these years without any of these things.

I am sure it is just a matter of time.


*Smiley face*



Captain Ahab

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