Photo Competition 2022 Winners

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On 14 December we held our annual photo competition.  The rules were simple:

“You can enter up to 4 photos, on any boating related subject, taken over the past year. There are no categories, so it can be selfies or sunsets, wildlife or party life,  postcard or artistic, and sails of any plan, set or state, ideally attached to a boat.  Scoring is democratic, all who turn up get to vote, and you can score based on  anything you like, artistic merit, humour, skill, or simply whether you are in the picture! We will vote on the photos without knowing who took them.”

12 members submitted 46 photos in total.

The honours went to:
First (Again!): Alan Gilmour- Scotch Mist

31 Alan Gilmour - Scotch Mist

Second: Charles Hessey -Cross Channel Racing 2

28 Charles Hessey - Cross Channel Racing 2 Comp

Third: Simon Holloway – Morning in Astakos

42 Simon Holloway - Morning in Astakos Comp





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