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photographerIt was very pleasing to see the quality of photography at last month’s annual Boaters photography competition, clearly we are not just skilled sailors but also skilled and creative photographers.

Captain Ahab was wondering what other creative skills we have among our members that we rarely surface.

A budding writer perhaps?

A musician or two?

Maybe even an inventor to rival Mr Jobs?

Or a Mary Berry-esque cake maker?

However one thing struck Captain Ahab as he wandered around and among the images presented for show.

All the images showed and captured the serenity of sailing cruising.

We had underwater photographs capturing what happens beneath the waves.

We had images of boats and rigging and other assorted pieces of equipment taken from strange and unusual angles.

And we captured boating and yachting in a range of lighting-from the moody to the sumptuous to the stunning.

Captain Ahab was mightily impressed by the quality and range of images that were exhibited and would congratulate all those who won and commends all those who took part.


However there was one thing missing from the pix on show.

None captured the raw and at times non-photogenic sincerity that sometimes accompanies a Boaters sailing weekend.

We did not have a single image of a Boater feeling decidedly ill and taking a rest downstairs in the saloon or being hyper active over the sides.

No one captured the frenzy of activity and sometimes panic as the crew try to reef the mainsail in a growing breeze and an increasingly angry sea.

Nor did we see on the show the gripped tension of a recently qualified and promoted Skipper or Mate try to ferry glide his boat alongside a packed marina in front of an audience of gong-dooglers hoping to see a prang.

So maybe in our next photographic competition we might get some shots showing the reality of a Boaters weekend.


Beautifully shot of course!


Captain Ahab

(N.B. You can view the 2015 photo competition gallery here).



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