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Boaters Update – October 2015

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Last Wednesday evening’s talk from Penny Tranter gave us an expert forecaster’s perspective on sailing weather, as well as a look behind the scenes at forecasting for the 2012 Olympics sailing events.  In addition to the £250 donation from club funds, members put a total of £40.63 into the hat for Penny’s chosen charity, Endometriosis UK.

Our next evening meeting on Wednesday 18th November is the club’s Annual General Meeting.  An information pack including agenda, proposals, and nominees for the committee will be distributed by email early in November but, before then, we need to have names from members interested in joining the committee to run the club for the next year.

Many of the current committee are happy to continue, but the committee is already under-strength so please put your name forward if you want to contribute to improving our club, simply Email: to register your interest!

The RYA Radar Course on Saturday 21st November still has a few places available.  If you’re interested in joining us on the course, please contact the course organiser Martin Johnson at

Also we have further RYA Short Range VHF Radio Courses planned for Saturday 28th November and Saturday 12th December.  Details of the course and how to apply are in the following post: New VHF Radio Course Dates 2015.

Now that it’s getting too cold / wet / gloomy for most of us to go sailing, it’s the perfect time to do some shore-based training and acquire these essential skills before next season’s sailing.

New VHF Radio Course Dates 2015

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Bromsgrove Boaters instructor Bob Powell will be running two additional VHF courses:

The courses will be run on Saturday, 28th November, and Saturday, 12th December (subject to sufficient enrolment).

Courses run from 0900 until about 1730, and will be delivered in Bromsgrove.  Tea and coffee will be provided, but please supply your own lunch.

The fee for the course, including the course book, is £90 per person.  Please note that an additional fee of £60 is payable to the RYA for each certificate, on completion of the course.

For more details of the course content, please follow the following link:

RYA Short Range Certificate (marine VHF radio) courses

To register your interest, please contact Bob Powell directly:



Boaters Meeting 9th December – Photo Competition

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The end of another year, and this is our annual opportunity to show off where we’ve been sailing, and what we’ve seen. Club members can submit up to 3 of their own photographs and will have be able to tell us about them, before the all-important voting for the best ones. And Prizes!!!

Weight Watchers

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I now realise that if I want to continue to sail with Boaters I need to diet.

MOBAnd so methinks do many of our Members.

This may seem a bit harsh and a bit drastic but given what I heard at the Skippers Question Time drastic action must be the order of the day for many if not all of us.

For those of you who missed what I thought was a truly excellent and informative evening, a question was posed along the lines of how should we rescue from someone the sea when they might weigh considerably more than the fenders with which we normally practice our man overboard technique.

Now I do not mean to be rude when I say this but taking one look around the room on the night I would posit that there cannot be a single Boater, male or female, who does not weigh considerably more than all the fenders on the boat combined.

And that is when our clothes are not weighed down by water.

But it was the answer that scared me.

And if anyone needs any more motivation to diet and lose weight, this must be it.

The panel were unanimous on the answer. Don’t fall in.

Brilliant advice!

On a par with the warning notice on a packet of peanuts that ‘this packet may contain nuts’.

I am not aware of anyone who has ever chosen to go overboard. But people do and when they do we must be prepared know how to pluck people from the sea.

And I for one have always placed my faith in Boaters Skippers to hoist me from the fishy waters.

It seems like I may have been wrong. And here is the really scary thing.

No one had a really clear idea how they would get someone of our weight on-board.

The consensus from my reading of what was said is that basically if you go over you are dead. Don’t expect us to get you out. We can’t. You are too heavy. And by the way your safety harness is not going to do you much good.

Thanks, lads (and lady).

Makes me wonder why we spend so much time on our RYA courses learning how to rescue fenders.

We might be great at recovering those but our ability to apply this learning to Boaters Members at peril on and in the sea seems very limited.

And I am not sure that this is limited to Boaters Skippers. There are plenty of articles seemingly which reinforce the news that MOB drills for real rarely work.

Unless the RNLI are within escort distance of the boat.

But have you ever seen a boat with stand-on RNLI tender?

Alternatively we could ask our Sailing Secretary to take into account our BMI index when allocating crews.

That way we might be assured that should we hit the water, there is at least the chance we will have the people on board with the size and stature to get us back onto dry land.

Or I could diet.

It might at least give me a fighting chance if I can get my weight down to Fender Weight.

And even if it doesn’t improve my survival chances, I will look great in my bikini next year.

Captain Ahab


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