Boaters Meeting 16th September – “Skippers Panel” & Autumn Sailing Crew Meeting

Last year’s ‘Skipper Panel’ was a great opportunity to have your questions carefully considered and answered in detail by some of our experienced skippers.

More of that this year, but with a more spontaneous twist, since the panel won’t know all the questions in advance! Questions can be on any sailing-related subject, and may be technical (eg. How does AIS differ from radar?), experienced-based (eg. What should I look out for when chartering a yacht?), or personal (eg. What’s your favourite cruising area and why?), or anything else you like. No questions to be submitted in advance, but you will need to submit your name and a general idea of the topic to help the event run smoothly.
This evening is also when crews taking part in the club’s Autumn Sailing Weekends in early October can meet to discuss their plans.

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