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10th December 2014: Annual Photo Competition

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This year’s photographic competition will take place on Wednesday 10th of
December.  As in previous years, this is a great opportunity to show
images captured ideally during the preceding twelve months.  It’s not all
about showing professional looking pictures, rather an ideal way in which
members present can hopefully share in some of the experiences enjoyed by
Click HERE to view last years entries.

In Line with previous competitions, your entries will be printed out on high
quality A4 photo paper and displayed for both viewing & judging. The
photographer is given the opportunity to give a brief description of his / her
picture whilst it is being projected on to the big screen before being voted on
by all in attendance.

At the end of the evening, you are encouraged to take your printed entries home
for prosperity, not forgetting that your picture may well be selected for
inclusion in our 2015 calendar.

The theme is loosely anything maritime, marine wildlife included.

You are reminded that previously entered images will not be accepted and that your
picture should ideally have been captured during the preceding year.  The
only rule which has always applied is that you are not allowed to vote for your
own pictures.

With prizes for the winning pictures and a maximum of 3 entries per person, this is
always a great evening enjoyed by all, together with an opportunity to see and
keep your favorite images printed to a high standard.

Entries should be submitted ASAP to David Walker in time for printing. Please include
your name and a title for each of your pictures.

Alternatively, if you use Drop box and this is easier for you, please send me a
link and a separate e-mail confirming.

note that in December our meeting is held on the second Wednesday in the month,
not the third.

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