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Boaters Meeting – Wednesday 20th February 2019 – Sails’ Making – Chris Jeckyll

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Jeckells the Sailmakers has been manufacturing sails for 186 years.

During that time they have built up an international reputation for designing and manufacturing quality and durable sails tailored to suit their customers’ exacting needs.

Jeckells is a family firm with 2 generations taking an active part in the everyday running of the company. Spend an evening finding out from Managing Director, Chris Jeckylls, about what makes a sail.



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Boaters Meeting – Wednesday 12th Dec 2018 – Photo Competition

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It’s the end of another year when we’ve all been sailing in interesting places and seeing amazing sights.

So this is your annual opportunity to show off where you’ve been, and what you’ve seen, whether on the chilly Solent or the balmy Med.

Club members can submit up to 3 of their own photographs and will be able to tell us about them, before the all-important voting for the best ones. And Prizes!!!

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Boaters Meeting – Wednesday 21st Nov 2018 – Boaters AGM and ‘Wine & Cheese’

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Find out what we’ve all been doing in the club this year; Treasurer’s report on what we’ve spent doing it; Cruising Secretary’s report on who has sailed where; etc.

The committee has tried to deliver what members want in the past year, but there’s always room for improvement.  So let’s have your ideas (and formal proposals) for doing it even better in future.Wine & Cheese

And election of next year’s committee members – who have to organise it all over again next year!

Some of the current committee are standing down, so the club needs members to step forward and offer their services to run and develop your club, for your benefit. Nominees don’t need to be seconded, just let the Club Secretary know by Wednesday 24th October if you wish to join the committee and assist with any of the roles; social, cruising, training, communications, etc,

If all that wasn’t enough to get you excited, you can be sure that the wine and cheese will.

Boaters Meeting – Wednesday 17th Oct 2018 – Royal Navy “Protecting our interests, keeping the world’s sea lanes open”

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With Trafalgar Day almost here, the Royal Navy’s presentation team are coming to Bromsgrove Boaters to update us on what’s changed since 21 October 1805.

The team, all of whom have had recent front line experience, will describe how the six fighting arms of the modern Royal Navy operate around the globe, either as individual units or collectively as a Task Group, in order to protect our interests and to ensure that the world’s sea trading routes are kept open.

An enduring set of standards, values, customs and traditions continues to underpin the Royal Navy’s commitment, but what does the future hold?

Come along and find out from the Officers, Sailors and Royal Marines who are your Royal Navy.


Boaters Meeting – Wednesday 19th Sept 2018 ***Cancelled***

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Jonty Pearce “Sailing to St Kilda”  – Cancelled due to Venue.

The most remote part of the UK, St Kilda lies in the North Atlantic 40 miles west of the Outer Hebrides. Not an island at all, but an archipelago comprising the islands of Hirta, Soay, Boreray and assorted other rocks, its exceptional cliffs and sea stacs form the most important seabird breeding station in Europe. The evacuation of its native population in 1930 brought to a close an extraordinary story of survival; it was estimated that each person on St Kilda ate 115 fulmars each year and the St Kildans were known to eat puffins as a snack! No Walkers crisps there!

One of only 24 global locations to be awarded ‘mixed’ World Heritage Status for its natural and cultural significance, St Kilda’s population now comprises just 15 staff manning an MoD radar tracking station for the missile range on Benbecula, Outer Hebrides. And an increasing number of fulmars, puffins, gannets, skuas, kittiwakes, etc!

Sailing to St Kilda can be a tricky business given the Scottish / North Atlantic weather (and missiles whizzing overhead!?) and, when you get there, the only two possible anchorages are problematic to say the least. It’s recommended that you carry at least two anchors! Jonty has been there, done that, and will tell us all about it.

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