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Boaters Club Directors & Commitee 2020

Club News | November 29th, 2019 | No comments yet

Following the AGM on the 21st November 2019, we are pleased to announce that the Clubs Directors & Committee for 2020 were elected as below.

There are a number of positions that remain vacant on the commitee due to the lack of volunteers this year – if you think you can help, please contact the committee.

Positions vacant

Club Commodore & Webmaster

Chris Palmer


 Trevor Rackley

Trevor Rackley

Club Secretary

 Simon Holloway

Simon Holloway

Shorebased Training Coordinator

Ralph Gordon

Social & Events Secretary

George Gerwitz

Cruising Secretary


Simon Holloway

Simon Holloway

Membership Secretary

Charles Hessey

Charles Hessey

Safety Officer


Boaters Annual Dinner – Wednesday 18th March 2020

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The venue for the 2020 Boaters annual dinner has yet to be confirmed.

But we do know that we plan to hold the dinner on the date of the regular Wednesday social evening of 18th March 2020.

Details, including prebooking menu, will be released soon, but for now, mark the date in your diary.


Boaters Meeting Wednesday 19th February 2020 Quiz Night

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In the best Bromsgrove Boaters tradition, we start the sailing year with a nautical quiz!

Once again Jane Jones has done all the hard work assembling new questions, and new answers (obviously), so all you have to do is perform a little less badly than everyone else and you’ll walk off with one of the big prizes!


Quiz Night

Boaters Meeting Wednesday 15th January 2020 – Sam Llewellyn

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“Britain and the Sea” by Sam Llewellyn, editor of The Marine Quarterly

A talk, by no means entirely serious and illuminated by cases based on my personal maritime experience, of why we have forgotten we are an island people and what we can do to remind ourselves and others that this is the case. Topics covered include (among many others)  windward sailing, spinnaker repair, sea cookery, boxticking, mysteries of the deep, and why there are monsters in the corners of medieval charts.

Marine Quarterly

Boaters Meeting Wednesday 11th December 2019 Photo Competition

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It’s the end of another year when we’ve all been sailing in interesting places and seeing amazing sights.

So this is your annual opportunity to show off where you’ve been, and what you’ve seen, whether on the chilly Solent or the balmy Med.

Club members can submit up to 3 of their own photographs and will be able to tell us about them, before the all-important voting for the best ones. And Prizes!!!

All entries to be made to the Club Secretary

Here is last years winner from Simon Holloway.


Boaters Events