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Boaters Meeting – Wednesday 21st March 2018 – “Man is Not Lost” by Tom Cunliffe

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TOM_CUNLIFFE_MUG_2010_SQUARETom Cunliffe returns to Bromsgrove Boaters to give us more of his sailing experiences, wisdom, and humour.  Tom is a writer (“The Complete Day Skipper”, “The Complete Ocean Skipper”, “Shell Channel Pilot” and many more), journalist (“Yachting Monthly” and others), broadcaster (“The Boats that Built Britain”, “Island Race” and more), and a keen motor-biker but, most of all he is – and always has been – a fanatical yachtsman.

His current yacht is ‘Constance’, a classic Mason 44, that is his first fibreglass boat, the first with in-boom furling, and…

‘Man is Not Lost’ is about the development and safe use of navigational electronics.

This talk combines a mix of yarns and solid information and is a friendly and irreverent look at the changes many of us have seen from the early 1970s when Tom found Barbados after 42 days at sea with no chart at all – just a lat/long position, a sextant and his grandfather’s pocket watch – to current chart plotters that sometimes manage to lead us astray.

To be honest, Tom could talk for an hour on the subject of ‘lying at anchor’ and we’d all be well entertained.  If you’ve not read any of his books or his regular contributions to Yachting Monthly, then you’re missing half the fun of sailing.

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