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Dressed to Kill

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Dressed to KillDid you see the Boaters fashion collection at the AGM meeting?

Isn’t it to die for?

With an impressive range of gilets, fleeces and polos, it is practical, hard wearing and extremely good value. No wonder they are flying off the shelves.

And we will look the part.

No doubt thoughts are now turning to next year’s Spring and Autumn Collections.

But I do think that future designs would benefit from a woman’s touch.


Navy is a mighty fine colour but, darlings, perhaps a more varied colour palette could be considered. And as we are deep into autumn perhaps the range palette could be extended to include the russet colours of browns, gold and reds to better capture and reflect the hues of the ‘season of mellow mists and fruitfulness’.

I don’t know who designs our range, assuming of course they are designed, but if they seek inspiration on this, let him, and I am sure it is a him, imagine the garb of the trees as they turn from green and leafy to autumn russet.

Or if we don’t like russet colours, what about a range in soft pastels. Like salmon pink. Or sky blue. Or sunlight yellow. The list is endless.

Maybe these lighter colours might feature in the Boaters’ Spring Collection.

It is not just the colour scheme that could be enhanced by adding women to the design team.

Have you seen the tailoring on the range to date?

No?  My point exactly..

Shapeless polos, fleeces and gilets may hide a multitude of sins and may suit the shapeless figures of many of us, but they hardly flatter those of us with the physique and cheekbones of a Kate Moss, Elle McPherson or Linda Evangelista.

We could do better. So much better. Our designers need to consider cut and tailoring.

And while we are on this topic, what about extending the range…for men and women?

Hoodies and fleeces and baseball caps are well and good but they are not exactly….how might we say it….at the cutting edge of fashion, and it is quite limiting.

What about a knitwear collection? Or an après sail range? Even trousers and shorts? And not forgetting a branded range of accessories like gloves, scarves and bags.

We could go on.

Maybe instead of an Annual Photography Competition we could have the Boaters Fashion Show with designs from our more arty and fashion-conscious Members.

But let’s just settle for an enhanced range in a wider variety of colours tailored for the modern figure.

And then our crews will be the best dressed on the water, we might not be the best sailors but we will look the part!

Captain Ahab




Boaters Meeting 17th February – Tom Cunliffe

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Tom Cunliffe returns to Bromsgrove Boaters after some years, to give us more of his sailing experiences, wisdom, and humour.  To be honest, Tom could talk for an hour on the subject of ‘lying at anchor’ and we’d all be well entertained.  If you’ve not read any of his books or his regular contributions to Yachting Monthly, then you’re missing half the fun of sailing.

Boaters Meeting 20th January – Quiz Night

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Quiz Night
It’s getting to be a habit; start the New Year with a nautical quiz!  But this one is all new; new questions, new answers (obviously), and new prizes!


Boaters Update – Nov 15

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Our club’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday was well attended and, most importantly, voted-in the new Constitution and the new committee.

The Constitution has been the subject of consultation with members throughout the year so you should already be well aware of it but, just in case, the new consititution can be downloaded via the link below:

The committee elected to run the club for the next year is:

Gary Carter, Alan Gilmour, Trish Lloyd, Mike Martin, Tony Martin, Esther Rackley, Trevor Rackley, and Paul Sharpe.

Minutes of the AGM will be issued within the next few weeks.

Our next evening meeting is the annual Photo Competition on Wednesday 9th December, 7:45pm for 8:00pm start as usual.  You are invited to submit photographs with a sailing theme, which will be displayed and voted upon by members.  This year we will judge separate categories covering seascapes/landscapes, yachts/boats, humorous/odd, etc plus an overall winner.  Elegant and well-balanced prizes “with floral notes and a lingering finish” will be awarded!

Up to three photos can be submitted by each club member but, if numbers become excessive, we may need to limit entries so, in addition to a caption, please number your photos 1, 2, 3 with 1 being the photo you most wish exhibited and 3 being the least.  Photos don’t have to be taken during the past year, but they must be your own work.

Please email your photos, with captions and numbers (1, 2, 3 as above) to, by no later than 12:00 midday on Friday 4th December.

New Constitution Approved

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Following substantial consultation, at the clubs Annual General Meeting on 18th November the adoption of the new consitution was unanamously approved by all members present, effective from the end of the meeting.

The new constitution is available as a PDF document for members to download via the link below:

2015 Boaters Constitution Final.pdf

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