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Club Organized Sailing, Insurance and the use of Non Coded Boats

Club News, Sailing Trips | November 14th, 2011 | 1 Comment

During the past couple of years many questions have been asked regarding the level of cover provided by the club’s liability insurance policy.  In an attempt to answer this and other insurance related questions members of Bromsgrove Boaters committee embarked upon a large piece of work which perhaps unsurprisingly raised more questions than it answered. 

This article is aimed to inform the reader of the many issues surrounding the use of non coded boats for club organized sailing activities so that you may better understand why as a club we are no longer able to arrange sailing on privately owned non coded boats. 

On Liability insurance held by Bromsgrove Boaters strictly I am prohibited within the terms of our policy to summarise or comment on cover provided. In spite of this I am prepared as a non professional to offer my opinion on certain areas of cover in an aim to satisfy questions asked from within the membership of Bromsgrove Boaters.  Any opinion offered below will be as a result of having read the relevant sections of our insurance policy as well as having asked specific questions to our insurance broker. 

It should be borne in mind that the officers of the club felt it necessary to guard against errors & omissions during club organized activities and that the annual cost per member for liability insurance represents approximately £2.00 per head.  It should be assumed therefore that any cover provided by the policy will only satisfy a minimum requirement.  Members are strongly advised to seek advice from an insurance expert and arrange for suitable insurance cover to satisfy their own insurance requirements.


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